This NPR interview with Todd Boyd discusses his book H.N.I.C.: The Death of Civil Rights and the Reign of Hip Hop. Boyd writes, "I would suggest that you might get a better read of what's going on in the world of Black people today by listening to DMX on It's Dark and Hell is Hot than... Continue Reading →


Hip Hop’s Wilderness

In The Creative Process, James Baldwin writes that artists are "enjoined to conquer the great wilderness of [themselves]" and they explore the human soul in order to "blaze roads through that vast forest". An artist's exploration of themselves is to society's benefit, for their productions of human expression may be universally interpreted and received. An artist's... Continue Reading →

The Democratic Sphere of Hip Hop

During Thursday's co-laboratory I realized how many pathways there are through this project and my focus of hip hop. Each student provided key terms for exploring their cultural production along with relevant quotes from a readings done in earlier weeks. Ambiguous terms such as culture, education, sustainability, identity, and tradition were applied in the context of each... Continue Reading →

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